Lenders Compared: Site Traffic Rankings & More (Data Updated for Jan 2018)

Privacy Policy

Welcome to Likely Lenders.


LikelyLenders.co.uk was formed back in May 2017. This blog has been compiled as an informational resource focussed on subprime lending in the UK. The companies discussed are those willing to lend to those with bad credit who banks and mainstream lenders can’t usually help out. The aim will be introduce the popular providers and then compare the firms across the given niche that they target (guarantor, payday etc). Soon after site creation the only form of tracking was for analytics. Since we have aged a little now, third party adverts have also been added. The purpose of each has been discussed further below.


The web analytics data used here is provided to us from StatCounter. This info helps us above all else to improve our day-to-day performance. The main route is to keep track of which pages are performing the best for such things as hits, shares and average browsing times. We can then look to develop pages in the manner of the best performers and also improve any underperforming submissions. StatCounter provides an extensive range of stats through the login portal supplied. We do however only pay attention to just a few of these. The obvious one of interest is the total number of views for the day that can be compared against past performing days.

Also of interest to us is the most viewed articles and top referring sites. For referrals, most visits always flow from search engines. Google of course controls much of the market and so they are expected to become our biggest referrer. Market share variations are shown between desktop and mobile that is an important stat to keep track off. On topic, soon after the blog was composed we installed the WPTouch plugin. This displays a customised theme for anyone who has reached a page from a mobile device. There are also general administration checks that we can make via StatCounter. An example would be checking on the server status or recording any suspicious IP visits that are spotted.

Third Party Ads:

You’ll now find adverts on these pages. The adverts have been added for 2 main reasons. The first one is to compensate the costs of running the site when it comes to domain and hosting fees, paid plugins, promotion and so on. Should we become popular and profitable then we’ll of course look to invest this profit back into the project. The second reason is to compliment the content. Our approach has been to display Google’s AdSense program that serves advertisements that are relevant to the various loan companies and wider topics discussed. Someone who needs a loan may for instance find a quick link to a lender (or a type of lender) that is being discussed. Google uses the Doubleclick DART cookie to serve ads across their Adsense network. You can find further info regarding the DART cookie at Doubleclick as well as opt out options at Google’s Privacy Section.


The tracking for advertisements and analytics work the same way whereby a cookie is marking and then following a user as they move across pages. Cookies can be blocked or restricted at any time through browser settings. Making changes is not advised to anyone that frequently heads on to shopping and social media sites. The reason being that cookies must be switched on for carts to function whilst with social logins the cookie remembers your details so that the info doesn’t need to be re-entered on each returning visit. As a newly devised informational resource we don’t provide logins, collect emails etc. Should this change in the future, we’ll update this privacy page to reflect such updates.

Final Notes:

This privacy policy will be amended as we age. The last update was August 23rd, 2017.