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Brand New Payday Lenders and Instalment Loan Lenders 2017

Brand New Payday Lenders and Instalment Loan Lenders 2017

This page will showcase a lender list of those that have just popped up in 2017 and also those that arrived throughout 2016. Google data showed us that most people were searching for brand new payday lenders. It is however unlikely that you’ll find many brand new payday loan companies these days. This has been the case since the FCA decided to price cap short term lending. It is now very difficult to turn a profit that has pushed this heavyweight niche into steady decline. Most newcomers opt on delivering instalment terms where greater profits are there for the taking, but overcrowding has resulted in ultra fierce competition.

Brand New Payday Lenders and Instalment Loan Lenders 2017


Manchester-based Auden is a rebrand rather than a new company. They had operated since 2014 as Uberima, although they never became well known back then. The changes put forward have been impressive. Term options now span from 7 days up to 12 months. Pricing is competitive, more so on the shorter repayment selections. They do however close at weekends and the highest loan sum starts quite high at £200.

Dot Dot Loans

At the beginning of the year Morses Club acquired Shelby Finance. Shelby had traded with a 6 month product, but in time closed down. Rather than re-ignite Shelby, Morses opted to unveil a fresh project in Dot Dot Loans. This has been designed as the online equivalent to their main doorstep loan brand that has been the 2nd largest since the Shopacheck merge. Dot’s launch came in March 2017. The available terms are 3, 6 or 9 months (12 for existing customers). It is clear that their key competitor is Provident’s Satsuma. You can see that they are already paying close attention to their doorstep rival by the fact that a £300 3 month loan is priced at £129 (Satsuma’s being £129.26).


Fernovo is a fresh entry from Quidie Ltd that looks to have launched in October. They deliver repayment options of 1 to 6 months. The standout feature is their low daily rate of 0.5%. Over a month this works out at just £15 per £100 borrowed. This service also takes on self-employed workers. Initial sector growth has been impressive. They have been advertising a lot on Facebook recently.

In-Sync Credit Services

In-Sync Credit Services is a rebrand of SubMe who dates back to 2013. The owner has also took on a renaming from OBK Group to the In-Sync Group. Employed and self-employed contractor loans are a speciality. A more mainstream product is however now available that can deliver both short and long term borrowing needs. This lender has been popping up on a number of review sites, but as the case with SubMe there hasn’t been any major market traction. The pricing in place here does come at a premium. It would be recommended to opt to repay weekly instead of monthly as this will make a significant difference to costing.

Payday Loans Net

From Western Circle Ltd who have a few companies behind them (the most well known being CashFloat). This new project compared to the others has extended terms up to 6 months and higher sums of £700 (new) and £2000 (reloans). There is no saving on price though and still no weekend payouts.


Tappily is an exciting fresh venture from Indigo Michael, who are the team behind SafetyNet Credit. Their site was put together in late February, but it looks to have been near the end of the year when they launched. As the case with SafetyNet, overdraft protection is provided and 24/7 instant funding is made available on a line of credit. Where they differ is in delivering much larger sums (up to £2500) and the rate of interest is lower at 0.34% per day. This is capped at 75 days and so the value really comes out well the longer that you borrow. They have now taken multiple #1 low rate positions for payday and instalments (6 months).

Track Loans

This is a fresh project from Street UK who function as a Cic (community interest company). Street UK is a retail service across the region of Birmingham. Here we see an online equivalent (Track) that has enjoyed really impressive traction in their short time active. They have already managed to build up close to 1200 Facebook fans and positive feedback is building up quickly on their Feefo page. The good news is that the value here is excellent. Their £300 3 month charge is just £59.46. The bad early news was that they only accepted applications from those in the West Midlands. However they have fortunately now changed this ruling.

Tiger Loans Company

TLC was established by T.T.W.N back in 2014, but their site looks to have only just headed live. Their social media page was also only created a few months into the year that backs this up. It appears that they had existed as a small doorstep business across the south east of England. South east is still noted on their site, but in the FAQ it does state that UK residents may qualify. We again see instalments in place with this lender across a 3 to 6 month range. The pricing is reasonable, but they have had the slowest start of all of the newcomers introduced here. They may struggle without much of a bump on the advertising front.

Guarantor/Personal Loan…

Juo Loans

Juo Loans arises from the same team behind WageDayAdvance. The site was registered in June, but it looks like the launch went ahead in September. There are 2 products pitched here that includes both a guarantor and personal loan with each catering poor credit. Same day payouts are possible across each 7 days a week. Pricing has been pitched well. For £1000 per year you’d pay £239.32 (guarantor) and £435.90 (personal). These costs often change by a few pence depending on what day it is.

New Payday Lenders and Instalment Loan Lenders 2016


Lending Stream’s Drafty received its full launch in 2016, although the product was piloted the year previous to this in testing. Drafty offers a line of credit similar to that of SafetyNet Credit. This type of flexible borrowing works like an overdraft facility whereby funding is available 24/7 up to your determined credit limit. As above, it won’t be easy for those to qualify who have had financial difficulties in the past. This strictness is rewarded with super low interest at just 0.18% per day.

Response Funding

Response Funding is a rebrand of Fancy a Payday who had been notorious for excessive interest rates in their past that dates back to 2009. A new identity makes sense since they now stick with a fixed 3 month term. This is also in place at THL Direct that is a further company within the group. Both services are pretty basic in most areas with no standout features. There isn’t even for instance a login facility provided on either site.

Sunshine Credit

The owner is The Quick Loan Shop who also trades under the same identity. Sunshine can brighten your day with low interest charged at 0.4% daily. This is half the price of the industry cap that most lenders tend to meet head on these days and so the value is good here. Outside of this, the service available is very basic. They don’t provide customers with logins and no SSL is even used on applications.

The Money Platform

Peer-to-peer lending didn’t prove successful in the short term sector as we witnessed with PiggyBank and The Lending Well. The difference here is that this company specifically targets credit-worthy individuals and so low default rates should help to entice more investors who are promised an estimated annual rate of 12%. The Money Platform delivers competitive interest, but we haven’t seen innovation alike Zopa. It doesn’t help their cause that applicants only have the option of choosing £250, £500, £750 or £1000. There is also no weekend coverage. In contrast, Drafty is cheaper, they offer up to £3000 (£5000 on reloans) and funding is made available 24/7.

Vivus (Now Closed)

Finally we move to Vivus who have come and gone now on 2 occasions. They had originally operated locally between 2012 and 2014, but the owner (4Finance) opted to jump ship. This wasn’t a major issue for them as they are one of the big hitters on the global stage active across 17 countries. We did however see this brand re-renter the market in February 2016. This time V7 were handed licensing rights, but this didn’t go to plan and their closure was announced just after a year after arrival. This was a shame as they offered first time applicants with a 50% saving on their loan.

Personal Loan…

Admiral Loans

Admiral has been one of the top 5 insurance providers in the UK for many years now. They are the only company of the 5 to roll out personal loans that arrived in 2016. The insurance giant is intent on challenging the major banks. They do this through an enticing low interest rate of just 3.1% APR that is available on amounts borrowed between £7500 and £15,000. You’ll of course need to have a good score to make the grade.

– List was last updated in December 2017.
– New additions will be added as and when we learn of them.