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Best Doorstep Loans for Bad Credit. Compare Doorstep Loan Lenders
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– Coverage (Targeted Counties Marked)
– Opening Hours (NS = Not Shared, Although This Info Is Usually Available on Lenders Compared)
– Terms (Repayment Options) | Sums (+Reloan Cap in Brackets)
– The Charge of a 26 Week (This Varies) £100 Loan
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List of Doorstep Loan Lenders 2018 Ranked by Web Traffic

1) Morses Club (1878) | #54,969
Morses Club Loans
– All Areas Served
– Mon/Fri (9am-5pm)
– 20w, 33w, 52w | £100-£400 (£1000)
– £50 (20w)

2) Provident (1880) | #93,756
Provident Loans
– All Areas Served
– Mon/Fri (8am-8pm), Sat (8am-5pm)
– 13w, 26w, 52w, 104w | £100-£1000 (£2500)
– £56 (26w)
*104w on reloans only.

No Alexa UK Ranking (Sorted by Global Rank)

3) Loans at Home (1938) | #4,783,290
Loans at Home Loans
– All Areas Served
– Mon/Fri (8am-8pm)
– 24w, 33w, 45w | £200-£750
– £60 (24w)

4) Mutual (1898) | #6,725,519
Mutual Loans
– Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Norfolk, Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire, Oxfordshire, South Yorkshire, Warwickshire, West Midlands
– Mon/Fri (8.30am-5pm)
– 26w, 51w, 102w | £100-£1000 (£2500)
– £30 (26w)
*Shopping available.

5) Naylors Finance (1978) | #8,666,517
Naylors Finance Loans
– West Yorkshire
– Mon/Fri (8am-4.30pm)
– 27w | £50-£100 (£300)
– £62 (27w)
*Vouchers available.

6) Short Term Finance (2003) | #13,205,871
Short Term Finance Loans
– Hampshire, South Yorkshire, West Midlands, Wiltshire
– Mon/Fri (9am-5pm)
– 10w, 16w | £100-£200 (£1000)
– £50 (10w)
*Banking option. Vouchers available.

7) Skyline Direct (1950s) | #13,534,611
Skyline Direct Loans
– Scotland (parts), Northern Ireland (parts)
– Mon/Fri (8.30am-5.30pm)
– 20w, 30w | £150-£200 (£1000)
– £50 (30w)
*Banking option. Vouchers available.

8) E2 Finance (2003) | #16,020,604
E2 Finance Loans
– West Yorkshire
– Mon/Fri (9am-5pm)
– 4w, 13w, 22w | £100-£300 (£400)
– £65 (22w)
*Must be 21+.

9) Ealing Trading Company (1955) | #16,741,024
Ealing Trading Company Loans
– Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Leicestershire, Northamptonshire
– Mon/Fri (9am-5pm)
– 15w | £100 (£500)
– £50 (15w)
*Must be 21+. Vouchers available.

10) SwiftDL (2012) | #16,766,044
SwiftDL Loans
– Essex, Kent, Merseyside
– Mon/Fri (9am-5pm)
– 14w, 23w, 32w, 52w | £50-£200 (£3000)
– £45.04 (14w)
*£100 requires smallest term.

11) HomeChoice (2003) | #16,965,658
HomeChoice Loans
– South Yorkshire (parts), West Yorkshire (parts)
– Mon/Fri (9am-6pm)
– 15w, 27w, 52w | £50-£1000
– £62 (27w)
*Shopping and vouchers available.

12) Brantwood Finance Company (1995) | #17,025,003
Brantwood Finance Company Loans
– Greater Manchester
– Mon/Fri (9am-5pm)
– 24w, 28w | £100-£500
– £40 (28w)
*Must be 21+.

No Global Rank (Sorted Alphabetically)

13-26) AJ Cockle Finance (1966)
AJ Cockle Finance Loans
– Essex
– Mon/Fri (9am-5pm)
– 30w | £100 (£1000)
– £50 (30w)

13-26) Bee Finance (2008)
Bee Finance Loans
– Shropshire
– Mon/Fri (9am-5pm), Sat (9am-1.30pm)
– 15w, 20w, 30w | £50-£400 (£500)
– £50 (30w)
*Vouchers available.

13-26) Bristol Finance (1978)
Bristol Finance Loans
– City & County of Bristol, West Midlands
– Mon/Fri (9am-5pm)
– 14w-43w | £30-£1000
– £55 (31w)
*Shopping and vouchers available.

13-26) Careys Personal Credit (1904)
Careys Personal Credit Loans
– Cleveland
– Mon/Thu (8.30am-4.30pm), Fri (8.30am-1.30pm)
– 14w, 24w, 56w | £50-£200 (£1000)
– £47 (24w)
*Banking option.

13-26) Central Finance (1970)
Central Finance Loans
– County Antrim, County Down
– Mon/Tue (10am-1pm), Thu/Fri (10am-1pm)
– 15w, 30w | £100-£200 (£1000)
– £50 (30w)

13-26) CLC Finance (1953)
CLC Finance Loans
– Derbyshire, Lancashire, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Yorkshire
– Mon/Thu (7am-6pm), Fri (8am-6pm)
– 10w-34w | £100 (£1000)
– £72.50 (23w)
*Vouchers available.

13-26) Diamond Financial Services (2002)
Diamond Financial Services Loans
– West Yorkshire
– Mon/Fri (9am/6pm)
– 15w, 22w, 32w | £100-£500
– £54 (22w)
*Banking option. Must be 21+.

13-26) EasyPay Midlands (2009)
EasyPay Midlands Loans
– West Midlands
– Mon/Fri (9am-5pm)
– 15w-52w | £100-£1000
– £47 (28w)
*Banking option. Must be 21+. Shopping available.

13-26) Eccles Finance (1967)
Eccles Finance Loans
– Cheshire, Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Merseyside, Staffordshire
– Mon/Fri (9am-5pm)
– 19w, 27w, 54w | £50-£200
– £56.32 (27w)
*Must be 21+. Shopping and Vouchers available.

13-26) Estone Personal Credit (1999)
Estone Personal Credit Loans
– West Midlands
– Mon/Thu (9am-5pm), Fri (9am-1pm)
– 12w-102w | £50-£1000
– £41.75 (27w)
*Shopping and vouchers available.

13-26) Pinewood Finance (1980)
Pinewood Finance Loans
– Essex, Greater London
– Mon/Fri (8.30am-5.30pm)
– 15w, 34w | £100-£200 (£500)
– £50 (15w)
*Vouchers available.

13-26) Provida Loan (2007)
Provida Loan Loans
– Yorkshire
– Mon/Fri (9am-3pm)
– 14w, 32w | £50-£200
– £60 (32w)
*Must be 21+.

13-26) Stewart Finance (1983)
Stewart Finance Loans
– Greater Manchester
– Mon/Fri (NS)
– 20w | £100-£500
– £40 (20w)
*Banking option. Must apply by phone.

13-26) Valleys Finance (1957)
Valleys Finance Loans
– Cornwall, Devon, Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Wales (parts), West Midlands
– Mon/Tue (8.30am/4.30pm), Wed/Fri (9am/5pm)
– 14w, 21w | £50-£1000
– £40 (14w)
*Vouchers available.

*Alexa rankings are displayed to demonstrate market share. However, just a few companies had local rankings and only a few could even manage a global ranking. As a result, we have ranked firstly by UK, then global and the rest are alphabetically sorted. On the most recent search it was interesting to see Morses Club jump up to 1st. We’ll just have to wait and see how long this position can be maintained across 2018.
*Listings include brands with active sites. There was many more companies listed on Lenders Compared, but those checked had no active sites. For reference, there has been a few recent closures in this sector including Carson and Rhodes. Greenwood was also merged into Provident whilst Shopacheck was merged into Morses Club.
*Product info is often missing from lender sites. When this was the case we pulled details from the government resource (Lenders Compared) that most providers are listed on. Social pages were also looked at, but if any info is outdated or incorrect then it is up to the lender to contact us and correct this. When we have reached out in the past, the questions go unanswered.
*Term comparisons proved tricky. The idea was to compare every company at 26 weeks (6 months). This option wasn’t always available though. When it wasn’t a period close to this was used, but no longer than 30 weeks. Every such company was compared on pricing at £100 since it was common to see first time applicant restrictions for this amount.
*The traffic data was last updated on January 5th, 2018.

Cheapest Doorstep Loans (Charge + Daily Rate to 3DP)

1) Mutual (£30/26w) | 0.165%)
2) Brantwood (£40/28w) | 0.204%)
3) Estone (£41.75/27w) | 0.221%)
4-7) AJ Cockle, Bee, Central, Skyline (£50/30w) | 0.238%)

Cheapest Full Coverage Option (All UK)
1) Provident (£56/26w) | 0.308%)


Doorstep loans have been around longer than any other form of consumer credit. This business model has been plied as far back the late 1800s and has remained popular through to the modern day. This niche has however certainly been tested over the past decade or so through the emergence of payday lending where people can benefit from hassle-free same day cash. This efficiency has been stripped back here whereby filling in a form would usually get the applicant a home visit sometime during the week. Once paid out, there would then of course be the weekly agent visits. A collection would typically be made for a small affordable amount of say £10.

Home collection loans do have a key benefit over payday lending though and this is simply higher acceptance rates. Poor credit that extends to CCJs and defaults is usually ok. Low incomes is generally targeted and we even see no bank account requirements here. Since the balance (that tends to be small) is spread out across several months this helps to create micro payments that most people should be able to handle. It is just important that affordability can be demonstrated. Consumer choice is problematic in this niche with just 3 major brands serving the entire UK (Provident, Morses and Loans at Home). The rest of the companies are mostly small localised firms.

More Info: No Agent Doorstep Loans Online

A handy recent development in this sector has seen some companies offer the option for customers to make payments by Direct Debit or by standing order on a set date rather than to have to wait in for visits from an agent. This service is available from the following listed lenders. Careys, Diamond, EasyPay, Short Term Finance, Skyline and Stewart. Unfortunately, non of the big national providers extend to this option as it stands.

More Info: Shopping and Vouchers

Outside of cash loans, you may be given the opportunity to shop for various home goods (usually electricals) that are made available on credit. There may be perks included such as free delivery, free installation, low interest etc. You simply repay weekly as you normally would. A less attractive option would be those Love2Shop vouchers that can be spent at various high street retailers. A cheaper rate may be charged against these, but they are incentivised to push these. We’d advise sticking with cash payouts.

Pros and Cons

(+) Higher acceptance rates on applicants stands out more than anything else. These products are geared at people on lower incomes and those with past debt problems who are commonly declined from their bank for overdrafts, or even from online lenders like QuickQuid. Basic credit checks are undertaken and then it is the agent that ultimately makes the decision. Remember however that they work on a commission basis for successful leads and so you wouldn’t expect them to say no that often. Other pros would be that the overall pricing in this sector is reasonable and the level of experience that some doorstep lenders have can’t be matched. The market leader (Provident) has been trading since 1880. They acquired the Greenwood loans business though that dates back a little further to 1877. Morses Club has roots of 1878 (although as a drapery store). Mutual was also established in 1898.

(-) The requirement to wait in for a weekly agent visit won’t suit most people. Some companies have addressed this as noted above, but this is the small local providers. The overall quality of the sites in this sector is of a very poor quality. In most cases they look very dated and are lacking even basic info on their available product. Encryption isn’t often used as well and the Alexa ranks shown today proves how unwell these old school businesses have adapted to the web. The general pricing is pretty decent here, but a longer term issue would be that some customers end up continually borrowing. Some may even end up in a cycle for many years. Similar with banking, there is only one winner from that person who lives in their overdraft!

Social Media Data

A big issue in this niche is localisation. Even if a company does serve your region when you see that their site has very low traffic (re: Alexa) trust becomes an issue. It would help to see that a lender does have a good following of customers. A good way to study this is through social media data. Our approach was to take Facebook like counts for every company that had a page. As expected, Provident had the largest following with over 29,000 likes and Morses Club had the 2nd best count of 9100. AJ Cockle (serves Essex) then popped up 3rd with around 4830. Loans at Home (national) was next with close to 3000 likes. Ealing took the 5th spot with around 2900 (they cover several counties) and Skyline was finally notable at 2800 (they stick to parts of Northern Ireland and Scotland). And so, AJ Cockle, Ealing and Skyline all look to be good mid-sized local providers.

The Best Doorstep Loan Alternatives?

Instalment Loan: The instalment sector has been booming since payday capping came into force. There is lots of choice and there are many varied terms where you can borrow for 3 months or head as far as a year with a lender like Pounds to Pocket. The instalment option is much more efficient through same day payouts and online account management. The pricing generally sits in the same ballpark. The main limitation would be that it may be more tricky to get accepted with poor credit. A simple monthly payday loan makes sense for shorter term lending, but with instalment providers you can spread out the costs as you can here with doorstep lenders that makes them a good alternative.

Personal Loan: We are referring here to subprime specialised providers. Likely Loans would be a good shout based on their excellent value and the ability to spread over 5 years. For fairer credit, AvantCredit and Bamboo come recommended. The idea with this solution would be to borrow perhaps more than you originally needed, but at a discounted rate. Most doorstep borrowers end up using a facility for several months or even years (with continual borrowing) and so it does make sense to source that cheaper deal. Most personal loan services operate fully online as well, with an exception being Everyday Loans where you need to initially complete in person. If you are declined by a lender like this (or a doorstep firm), then you may wish to consider guarantor or logbook loan products that we’ll cover soon in other comparisons.

Last Updated: January 5th, 2018.